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Duchamp’s Fountain

The immersive experience

Candado butifarra
El Marqués

In our aims to democratize the arts, we are proud to present the immersive exhibition of Duchamp’s Fountain. In this all-sensory experience we are bringing urinals closer to our audiences than ever before. Viewers will be fully immersed through large format 360° projections of over 40,000 urinals. This ambitious project includes a 6 meter tall replica of the Fountain in which all audiences are encouraged to engage in a plethora of interactive activities: sliding, swimming, urinating and more. Don’t forget to try out our virtual reality simulation where, just by putting on a pair of VR glasses, you can find out what happens to your pee when it disappears into the abyss of a urinal by teleporting to the sewers of Barcelona. This spectacular cultural offer is for audiences of all ages who want to be brought closer to the pioneer of the avant-garde, through an exploration of ‘ready-made’ art within the context of the digital age: we put the DooDoo in Dada. 

Come join us on this exclusive premiere and don’t forget to drink a minimum of 6 cups of fluids prior to entrance. The first 100 visitors will be granted a special gift bag with the replica of Piero Manzoni’s Artist’s Shit. 

Please contact us through our website at for booking private parties and corporate events. 

We would like to show our deepest gratitude to Roca Baños for their generous donation. 

**Disclaimer: This exhibition is for artistic purposes only, practice of golden showers is strictly limited to private reservations only.*

Este articulo es parte de The Posttraumatic VOL.6 "It's hard to focus today".

Puedes conseguirlo aquí. Y suscribirte por aquí.


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